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By: Adam MacDougall | In: Losing the Gut, Exercise

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When it comes to exercising most people think more is better. We are sorry to say that this approach is not only out dated but not true. Evidence from recent research suggests that quality not quantity is king when it comes to fat burning.

The findings point to quick body weight resistance training as your best bet to burn fat, get fit and build muscle.

For those of you who think a long slow jog or bike ride is your ticket to losing the gut we have even more alarming news. Research suggests that the only thing this type of slow steady state cardio burns is your hard earned precious muscle. Not only that, it decreases your growth hormone levels which are your major fat burning hormone, speeds up the ageing process and wears out joints.

According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology, people who performed long cardio workouts suppressed their T3 Thyroid hormone, which helps burn fat*. It also increased the stress hormone cortisol, which stores fat in particular belly fat. This drop in human growth hormone actually prevents muscle growth and makes you feel and look older.

Exercise actually makes us hungrier throughout the day and since our food is so full of stuff that makes us fat, we become more likely to over-consume without noticing. In fact most people end up eating an extra 100 calories more than they just burned off exercising.

There is another reason exercise causes us to overeat. Exercise not only increases hunger but it gives many of us the permission to indulge. The phenomenon is called moral or self-licensing that occurs when people allow themselves to indulge after doing something positive first e.g. rewarding your exercise with junk food.


Make workouts fast and fun. The Man Challenge workouts train your whole body without the need for gym memberships or heavy equipment making you look, feel and move better. The workouts combine body weight resistance and anaerobic intervals in fun, fast 10 minute workouts.

I have invited my celebrity sporting mates to take part in the workouts and challenges to help make workouts fun. These current and ex-professional sporting legends are on hand to help motivate and bring a less serious aspect to training.

So no more wasting your money on gym memberships or spending time doing outdated training methods. Join The Man Challenge today and lose that gut and build back that muscle.

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*(1)(Eur J Appl Physiol.2003 Jan; 88(4-5:480-4)

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