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How Israel Folau trains & fuels his body

By: Adam MacDougall | In: Food, Exercise

How Israel Folau trains & fuels his body
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He is Australia’s most successful cross code athlete, a true footballing freak, who has reached the top rungs in rugby league, rugby union and AFL. Izzy is also one of our sporting celebs featured on The Man Challenge workouts.

“For me speed and power is the most important thing on the footy field as well as agility which I work on everyday” he said.

“And being strong in the core is important as it controls all your movements when you’re running, making a tackle or changing direction.

“I do a lot of core strengthening exercises and the plank push up is a great one that you can do anywhere and anytime.”

Folau showed why he is so fast and powerful when he punched out an impressive number of plank push ups in just one minute.

How many do you reckon you can do?

Folau talks about eating healthy

“Being an athlete means that what we eat is just as important as how much we train. Playing AFL footy meant I had to change my body shape, which really made me focus on what I was eating,” Folau said.

“This has really helped my footy and health as I have learnt a lot more over the years with what foods to eat and what works for me.

“Before this I was eating a lot of carbs and felt sluggish now I eat mainly protein with things like eggs, chicken and plenty of good fats from avocados. If I have a big day training I will eat some carbs before the session and some after to help fuel my body and help recovery.

“Food is not only key for me but what I drink with alkaline water being a really important part of helping me perform. It cleans me out and really helps power my body.

“I also drink a lot of green juices to make sure I am getting enough veggies and they are easy to have when you’re on the run.”

Post training Izzy opts for a simple wrap of chicken, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

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