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Real Blokes, Real Results - Glenn Chalmers Story

By: Adam MacDougall | In: Headspace, Losing the Gut, Exercise

Real Blokes, Real Results - Glenn Chalmers Story
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Glenn Chalmers, 52 lost 50kg

Born and raised in Newcastle but live in Hobart Tasmania.

I'm a stay home dad with 2 children under 5 not getting much sleep and the sleep I did get wasn’t quality. Then trying to keep up with the kids throughout the day on the lack of sleep and just eating anything in sight. I was moody and looking back now I can see I wasn’t happy, I had to change for my families sake.

Also, another driving factor was I didn’t want to be the fat dad at school drop off and pick up having my son (Lake) embarrassed by me or getting teased of how I was.

So when I saw Adam on A Current Affair explaining the man shake/challenge for tradies. I just knew I wanted to give this a crack, turned out to be the best decision I’ve made. Started the Man challenge following the 10min exercise workout and the meal plan in that first week I lost about 5kg well from that moment I was on a mission looking into all nutrition and keeping up the workouts.

From then started getting the man Shakes and I remember been blown away with how effective they are I felt full and had heaps of energy and they tasted great. compared to the other shake I tried from (Terry Whites Chemists) where I was flat no energy constantly felt hungry.

Just to have had that goal and achieve it was an amazing feeling and sense of achievement cannot thank Mad dog and the team enough For supplying me the knowledge to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Its now 3 years on still do the Man Shake and Challenge it apart of me now as I have a passion and focus for health and fitness as I have completed many 10k fun runs and 2 half marathons the Cadbury half I finished 2hrs 05sec and the point to pinnacle with an elevation of 1275m finished that in 3hrs 10min that was tough.

Any Blokes out there that are seriously looking at losing weight, the Man Shake/Challenge is where you are going to meet your goals great support team with a lot of other blokes willing to pass on their knowledge. You get a meal plan, recipes its all there for you.

The best-tasting shakes that keep you fuller longer so do yourself a favor and give the man shake a crack, won't be long before you start seeing results and with results comes motivation.

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