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Top tips to get your step count up

By: Team TMC | In: Exercise

Top tips to get your step count up
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A lot of people have been enquiring about how to get their step count up and finding it hard as they have office jobs or sit down for long periods of time.

When we are not actively exercising, we simply need to move, like our ancestors did. Build the movement back into your day by walking instead of driving short distances, playing with your kids or the dog, or better yet, winning some brownie points with the missus by hanging out the washing or taking out the rubbish!
Research has found men who did chores like this and other essential daily activities for about 30 minutes a day burned more calories and lost more weight than men who ran up to 56 kilometres a week and didn’t do much other activity!

Amazingly, one study found that people who walked for a total of 30 minutes a day experienced a 47 per cent reduction in their level of depression! Walking has the lowest dropout rate from any other exercises, because it really is so easy to do! So come on guys, pick yourself up and start moving!

Here are a few tips to help you keep active, walk more and get your but moving!

  • Get off the bus/train one stop beyond where you live and walk home.
  • Park far from the office, then walk.
  • Walk kids to school or to the bus stop.
  • Take the stairs not the lift.
  • Go for a walk with a friend or walk the dog.
  • Walk to the shops or to your favourite cafe
  • If you have an office job, stand up every half an hour and stretch for 5 minutes.
  • Use walking as a time to unwind, take time to yourself and go for a walk

So what are you waiting for!? GET WALKING GUYS!

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