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  • Top tips to get your step count up

    Top tips to get your step count up

    by: Team TMC | in: Exercise

    A lot of people have been enquiring about how to get their step count up and finding it hard as they have office jobs or sit down for long periods of time.

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  • The Man Burger

    The Man Burger

    by: Adam MacDougall | in: Food

    Who doesn't love a burger? It's the staple of every real man's diet! This juicy Man Burger is filling and healthier then a Big Mac!

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  • Crumbed Turkey Schnitzel

    Crumbed Turkey Schnitzel

    by: Adam MacDougall | in: Food

    Everyone loves a good old schnitty, and this one cover all your bases - high quality protein from the turkey, a crunchy golden crust, and best of all, it hasn't been drowned in grease.

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  • Drink Beer and Lose Weight!

    Drink Beer and Lose Weight!

    by: Adam MacDougall | in: Losing the Gut, Food

    Beer often cops the blame for that bulging belly, but the truth is, it’s not the beer but what guys eat and the amount of times they sit on their arses. That makes many blokes bellies bust out of their belt buckles....

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  • Tempura Beer Battered Prawns

    Tempura Beer Battered Prawns

    by: TMC Team | in: Food

    Ok these might be a touch naughty, but who doesn't love Tempura Prawns? The best thing, these babies are battered in beer!

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